Electrical Engineering Services

Project and client needs vary, which is why we 3L2R has to be flexible in our approach to delivering quality electrical products and services. As a leading North American electrical supply company, we proudly assist commercial and industrial clients with dependable electrical engineering services. Our electrical engineering services allow us to supply customized solutions that comply with your industry’s standards, while maintaining fundamental project essentials like safety, functional design, schedule and cost. Our team of professional electricians are registered and certified for practice throughout the greater Toronto area and the rest of North America. Our comprehensive electrical engineering services include:

  • Power system harmonic analysis
  • Substation design/development
  • Field data collection
  • Grid design
  • Ground grid design
  • Soil studies
  • Layout design
  • Power system coordination studies
  • Short circuit analysis
  • Arc flash studies
  • Structure support
  • Software simulation
  • Equipment specifications
  • Post installation verification
  • Warning labels
  • Power system design/development
  • Area classification determination
  • Fugitive emission studies

To learn more about our electrical engineering services, or any of our other electrical services, please contact 3L2R.