Electrical Equipment Disposal

All types of industries must provide competitive service to their clients, and adhere to strict deadlines, so there simply isn’t time to worry about disposing of unwanted electrical equipment. You can trust the professional electrical services team at 3L2R for the dismantling, transportation and safe disposal of your electrical equipment. We will help make your commercial or industrial business environment healthier and cleaner, and save you the time and cost of disposing of your electrical equipment yourself. Our highly-trained personnel perform all of the work required to dispose of your electrical equipment at our licensed electrical equipment disposal facility, so we don’t have to subcontract any assistance which makes our electrical equipment disposal services affordable for you. Whatever type of electrical products you have sitting around your greater Toronto area facility, 3L2R electrical supply company offers customized electrical equipment disposal solutions to meet all of your needs. We dispose of a wide range of electrical equipment:

  • Transformers
  • Distribution equipment and accessories
  • Relays
  • Breaker accessories
  • Fusing
  • Control products
  • And much more

3L2R’s electrical equipment disposal services help to reduce the size of our client’s environmental footprint, and provides valuable health benefits for the communities in which they operate. Not only do our experienced electrical equipment disposal professionals responsibly dispose of your unwanted electrical supplies, but they will also work closely with you to develop an electrical equipment disposal program for your organization. Our goal is to provide our commercial and industrial clients across North America with the most dependable electrical services available in the electrical supply industry, and this includes electrical equipment disposal. Prolonged use eventually impairs electrical equipment’s ability to perform, or in time it may become obsolete, or no longer be of use to its owner. Non-functioning electrical equipment that is kept in storage may be a health or environmental hazard. In order to avoid this risk, let 3L2R manage all of your electrical equipment disposal needs! To discover just how our electrical equipment disposal services, or any of our other electrical services can assist you, get in touch with us.