Electrical Equipment Fabrication

For the convenience of our highly-valued customers across the Southwestern Ontario commercial and industrial markets, 3L2R offers a vast array of electrical fabrication services. Our electrical equipment fabrication services are a viable and cost-effective alternative to investing in costly new electrical equipment:

Custom electrical equipment modification

3L2R has an endless array of custom electrical equipment modification possibilities, and we have the know-how to successfully transition your project from conceptualization to reality. Your existing electrical equipment can be modified in a number of ways to meet your company’s ever-expanding project needs:

  • Thermal monitoring systems can be added in the field
  • Main buses can be extended with new vertical structures to add feeders to your system
  • Uninstalled switchgear can be repurposed and reinstalled into new facilities
  • Obsolete switchgear can be retro-fitted to accept current design vacuum circuit breakers
  • Control circuits can be upgraded to new communication-ready solid-state devices

Because effective custom electrical equipment modification requires compliance to the codes and standards of various North American industries and organizations, 3L2R’s highly trained personnel use the very best industry practices to ensure that you get the very best out of your project.

Electrical equipment refurbishment

Many greater Toronto area companies require solutions for electrical equipment expansions or upgrades, but may face the challenge of having to do so on a limited budget. For such situations, 3L2R provides electrical equipment refurbishment services. 3L2R can design and construct customized solutions to meet your one-of-a-kind requirements. Our state-of-the-art electrical equipment refurbishment facility is fully equipped to refurbish your electrical equipment and prolong the life expectancy of your existing electric system so that it can function at full capacity. With every electrical equipment refurbishment project that we take on, electrical equipment is tested, CSA approved and warrantied to requirements and specifications. Additional testing can be completed so as to meet our client’s exact specifications.

Breaker retro-fits

3L2R’s breaker retro-fits are an extremely cost-effective and creative solution that extends the life of your existing breakers, and improves their safety and dependability. For reliable breaker retro-fit services, just send us a description of your existing equipment, and we'll promptly provide you a breaker retro-fit quote on the viable options and cost. We require the following details:

  • Breaker inner compartment pictures
  • Breaker panel schematic diagrams
  • Generator data for the relevant feeders
  • Serial number and technical information from the breaker data label
  • Pictures of all four sides of the breaker

Upgrading your switchgear with 3L2R’s most current breaker retro-fit technology will provide your company quicker turnarounds, minimize transformation, decrease production time loss and reduce investment costs by avoiding civil works and station cabling. Our breaker-retrofits incorporate many of our electrical equipment specialist’s talents including design, precision work, field service and commissioning.

As a leading electrical supply company servicing Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Brampton and other North American cities, we strive to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied, and that their needs are fully met. Contact the experienced team at 3L2R for more information about our custom electrical equipment fabrication services; learn just how our breaker retro-fits, electrical equipment refurbishment services, custom electrical equipment modification services, or any of our other electrical services can assist your organization!