Electrical Equipment Leasing

As part of our electrical supply offerings, 3L2R’s electrical equipment leasing will keep your company’s bottom line intact. Electrical equipment leasing is a fantastic alternative to purchasing capital intensive electrical equipment, and by controlling your businesses financial management it can save you money. For industrial and commercial organizations who want long-term use of new or used electrical supplies, convenient and flexible electrical equipment leasing may be viable, and in some cases even necessary. 3L2R offers electrical equipment leasing for a variety of electrical products, including:

  • Motor controls: Pump panels, motor starters, contact kits, coils, contactors, motor control centre lineups, sections and buckets
  • CTs and PTs
  • Distribution equipment and accessories (indoor and outdoor rated, 240V, 480V, 600V and high voltage up to 115 KV)
  • Circuit breakers: Vacuum type, molded case, "gas/SF6 type", air, parts and accessories
  • Fusible and non-fusible disconnects: Panel mount switches, bolted pressure and load break switches (metal enclosed / pole mount), automatic and manual transfer switches
  • Starters, contactors, and relays
  • Busway and bus plugs: Fusible and breaker type, bus duct, tap boxes, end caps, parts and accessories
  • Lightning arresters
  • Transformers in various styles, kVA sizes and types (liquid filled or dry)
  • Towers and pole switches
  • Capacitors and splitters
  • Switchboards, panel boards and load centres
  • Low to high voltage electrical components

3L2R’s electrical equipment leasing also provides companies throughout North America immediate cash-flow benefits, simplifies their equipment upgrades, and helps them effectively reach their short and long-term goals. Consider 3L2R, a greater Toronto area leading low to high voltage OEM electrical supply company, your main source for dependable electrical equipment leasing. Contact our friendly and experienced electrical equipment leasing team to learn just how we can assist you!