Transformer Analysis

If your industrial or commercial transformer is not functioning properly, then 3L2R can help with our Southwestern Ontario on-site transformer analysis service. As part of our electrical services, our transformer analysis service help to determine your transformers potential life expectancy, its current operating ability, and its future reliability with extreme precision. Using modern diagnostic methods, our team of professionals performs each transformer analysis in three different phases:

  • Essential level diagnostics (conducted during standard operation)
  • Advanced level diagnostics (requiring minimum outages)
  • Optimal level diagnostics (incorporating high-voltage testing)

Along with each of these diagnostic testing phases, a full visual inspection of your transformer and its controls will confirm the reason(s) for its inability to operate at maximum levels. Reviewing the benefits of transformer repair versus transformer replacement, we provide a detailed transformer analysis report which includes a repair or replacement timeframe quote. If repairing your transformer is possible, then we will un-tank, transport and inspect your transformer at our ISO9001 certified, modern transformer repair facility. Our transformer repair professionals will service and retrofit your transformer with the necessary parts and/or accessories to ensure your tranformer is up and running to its maximum potiential. To ensure your transformer is ready to to be placed back in service an acceptance test will be performed, then we will prompty transport your tranformer back to your facility and safetly re-energized. To learn more about our tranformer analysis service, please contact us at 1 (519) 629-0152, and one of many expert staff members will gladly assist you with whatever questions you may have.