Transformer Repair

As part of our electrical services offerings, 3L2R’s transformer specialist provides transformer repair services that are considered a technically sustainable and financially attractive solution that meets the highest environmental standards in the electrical supply industry. Our transformer repair solutions are economically and technically efficient, restoring transformers to their original condition in respects to voltage, current, and impedance. With 3L2R’s transformer repair services, you can expect:

  • Avoidance of future bottlenecks in new transformer availability
  • An increase in the existing capacity of your transformer
  • Adaption of your transformer to new grid conditions
  • Extended life for your aging transformers
  • Savings on high replacement costs
  • Faster turnaround than purchasing a new transformer

3L2R electrical supply products company offers transformer repair for transformers from all manufacturers and performance classes, including:

  • Step-up transformers
  • Step-down transformers
  • Station type transformers
  • Oil type transformers
  • Potential transformers (PTS)
  • Current transformers (CTS)
  • Silicone and ester fluid filled transformers
  • Core form transformers
  • Shell type transformers
  • Low, medium and high voltage transformers
  • Single-phase transformers
  • Three-phase transformers
  • Power transformers
  • Padmount transformers
  • Polemount transformers
  • Dry type transformers

During a transformers lifetime it experiences the gradual impact of three types of stresses during its normal and transient operating conditions:

Mechanically promoted stresses result in a reduction in mechanical strength which lowers the transformers SC withstand capability, and causes deformation of the transformers windings.

Thermally promoted stresses results in a reduction in thermal integrity of the current carrying parts which reduces the transformers ability to withstand the overload conditions, and causes damage to the transformers cooling system or oil pumps. Electrically promoted stresses result in a reduction in dielectric strength which decreases the transformers capability to withstand electrical stresses, and causes damage to the transformers insulation system.

These stresses can cause winding, busing, tap changer, core, tank, protection and cooling system, insulation and system switching operation failure. They may also be the source of overheating, impaired oxygen supplies, excess moisture buildup, contaminated insulating oil, partial discharge, system overload or short circuiting. 3L2R’s transformer repair process is conducted on or off site, and incorporates three phases so as to ensure that your transformer is repaired accurately, within budget, and on time:

Transformer testing evaluation and life cycle assessment

3L2R’s modern on-site diagnostic methods makes it possible to determine your transformers current condition and life span with high precision, in order to successfully classify its current and future operational reliability. Our comprehensive testing evaluation and life cycle assessment is available on three levels: essential level diagnostics which are performed during standard operation, advanced level diagnostics which require minimum outages, and optimal level diagnostics which integrate high-voltage testing to evaluate the operational condition and residual life span of your transformer.

Transformer failure investigation

A complete transformer failure analysis, including inspection of it’s electrical controls, will be conducted on-site to determine its root cause of failure. We provide you with an in-depth transformer repair analysis report, and discuss transformer repair versus transformer replacement recommendations with you so that you can make the best economic decision for your organization. Our repair specialist will also secure a date to deliver your transformer upon completion of its repair.

Transformer redesign and reconfiguration

Upon agreement of the transformer repair actions to be taken, your transformer will un-tanked, transported and inspected in-house at our transformer repair facility. Active parts and accessories wil be serviced, retrofitted or upgraded. After an acceptance test is performed to ensure that your newly repaired transformer is ready for operation, your unit will be promptly transported back to you, and safely and securely re-energized.

3L2R takes care of all of the logistics and special permits for your transformers dismantling, handling, restoration, assembly, transportation and installation. Our transformer repair facility fully complies with electrical supply industry standards, and each of our customer’s unique specifications. We also offer 24/7 on-site and in-house emergency transformer repair services, by contacting us at 1 (855) 312-3L2R (3527). The transformer repair experts at 3L2R electrical services and electrical products company are always at your service to propose a complete solution for your transformer that is showing indication of failure. Get in touch with our experienced team of transformer repair experts to learn more about our transformer repair services, or any of our other electrical services.